Monday, 27 July 2009

Top 10 Hidden Travel Gems

Dear reader,
I ,like so many other discerning travellers, am an absolute slave to Trip Advisor. Why should I make a mistake in my arrangements when somebody else has made it for me?

Imagine my excitment when I discovered that Trip Advisor have published a series of top 10s.

It is with a sense of improper self satisfaction that I can personally endorse several of the following. I intend to blog on the best and visit the others!

Trip Advisor Awards

1.Anastasis Apartments
Imerovigli, Greece

2. Riad Zolah
Marrakech, Morroco

3. Golden Well (U Zlate Studne)
Prague, Czech Republic

4. Derwent House Boutique Hotel
Cape Town, South Africa

5. Hotel Vecchio Asilo
San Gimignano, Italy

6. Hotel Casa do Amarelindo
Salvador, Brazil

7. La Villa Marbella - Charming Hotel
Marbella, Spain

8. Loch Lein Country House
Killarney, Ireland

9. Killeen House
Killarney, Ireland

10. Arcadia Residence
Prague, Czech Republic

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