Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Following much cajoling and various waving of blunt instruments- It was decided amongst the great and good that this chap should shuffle off the papyrus coil, expand his horizons and stride manfully into the digital space.

So here I am.

Welcome one and all to your guide to the glorious, the inglorious, the mouth-watering, the insipid, the luscious and the atrocious. Over the coming minutes, weeks and eons I intend to take you, gentle reader, by the hand and share with you what our fair city has to offer discerning gentlefolk regardless of means or standing.

I will dare to endure, seek to embrace and endeavour to empart my toings and my froings with customary blithe and brutal honesty.

As always I am ruled by my readers and I welcome your news, views and gentle reproachments. I claim neither to be infallible or objective in my judgements or commentary- my only claim is a lifetime in the eye of London's social whirlwind a resultant taste for the better things in life, their true value and a knowledge of where to find them .

I will from time to time be joined by guest bloggers and I look forward to introducing them in due course.

Upcoming features will include:

Summer attire
Nightcaps- what, where and why?
Riverside watering holes
Country retreats and the British staycation
Society pages
Cuba's Finest- Cigars, Rums and communism

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